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Lube Room Transformation

Dan Freeland


Make Bulk Oil Storage the Flagship of your Lube Room

Bulk Oil Storage Systems have been around for many years now. Most of the systems available in the past have been large, clunky assemblies that can take days to assemble. Pallets of parts show up at your dock and now it’s up to you to figure out who’s going to assemble it, where is it going to go, and once you’re done, it’s going to be there forever. Trico has redefined the standard of Bulk Storage Systems by providing a complete, turnkey, mobile solution to revolutionize your lube room.

Reduce Clutter

One of the benefits of Bulk Oil Storage Systems is that it removes the need for multiple barrels of the same oil and their corresponding spill containment sprawling across your lube room area. Your oil can be stored vertically, in the compact, self-contained rack system. Since each 2-tank stack can be independent, you don’t need one large footprint area. They can be placed in different areas of your lube room or plant, depending on your individual needs.

Incorporate Filtration

It has been proven time and time again that your new incoming oil may not be to the cleanliness levels required for your equipment components. Incorporating filtration into your Bulk Oil Storage System ensures that your oil is clean when you transfer oil to your secondary containers. Using filtration along with baseline oil sampling and analysis allows you to monitor your stored oils condition. Recirculation filtration is available if moisture becomes a concern from oil analysis reports.

Conceptualize your Layout

Making your lube room a reality can be difficult to visualize or explain. A picture is worth a thousand words and having a clear vision of what you’re trying to achieve can be a powerful tool in making it happen. We can help you using your defined dimensions, and your defined lube room supplies to provide a glimpse into your future.

3 Tiers to Suit your Needs

Trico offers 3 different Bulk Oil Storage Stacks to best suit your lube room needs. The Essential, The Performance, and the Intelligent Stack. Explore which system is right for you today!
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