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Bring Oil Intelligence to Life

Dimensional Sampling is the Key to Oil Intelligence

Problems can begin across five stages of your lubricants' Journey.


Orbital provides indication of the condition and care your supplier has taken to ensure lubricant meets specifications and is contaminant free.

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Orbital Surrounds you With Analytics

See the commonality between small and vast amounts of information.


See the relationships between data using factors such as operating environment, your practices, equipment type, and lubricant type.


The data is displayed in simple, visual formats such as charts, graphics, and tables for ease of analysis and interpretation.


Provides the capability to categorize, manipulate, and summarize data to find trends and relationships.


Allows you to see the meaning of your data to make the necessary decisions needed for the most appropriate maintenance action.

Condition Summary

Problems can begin across five stages of your lubricants' Journey.


Merging Machine Vitals withOil Analysis

Holistic Equipment Management

Combining Machine VitalsTM with oil analysis elevates equipment maintenance to a new level of precision and foresight. This integration offers continuous monitoring of operational conditions, such as temperature, relative humidity, and pressure fluctuations, filling the critical gaps between periodic oil analyses. Moreover, the inclusion of the Sensei Platform seamlessly merges oil analysis data with Machine Vitals' sensor data, crafting a comprehensive visual timeline. This timeline not only highlights the correlation between maintenance actions and equipment health but also enhances decision-making by providing clear, actionable insights. Together, this synergy and the analytical power of the Sensei Platform offer a holistic approach to predicting and preventing mechanical issues, ensuring optimal equipment performance.