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Sensei. Your Equipment's Health, Our Priority.

The Sensei Difference.

No more wondering. No more worrying. No more wasting time.


Robust dashboard with charts, alerts, trending, and overview.


Quickly access data to make insightful decisions.


Only allow people you want to have access to your data.


Easily connect additional equipment to your network.

What is Sensei?

Sensei IIoT Network is a system of sensing devices connected wirelessly to deliver valuable insights about equipment and lubricant condition allowing you to be more proactive with maintenance actions. It is made up of 3 independent components creating a Personal Area Network (PAN) across your facility for Sensei Devices to communicate on.

Sensei Devices

Sensei Devices allow you to connect to the Sensei Platform via the internet. The devices automatically send data to the Sensei Platform for viewing.

Network Hardware

The Sensei Network Hardware consists of the Gateway and Repeaters. These are used to receive data from the Sensei Devices on the network and transmit the data to the Sensei Platform.

Sensei Platform

The intuitive, web-based Sensei Platform provides monitoring of data from Sensei Devices on the network.

Mobile App

The Trico Mobile App is optional that aids in the addition of devices to the Sensei network and assigning equipment attributes including identifying the equipment type, reservoir size, environment, breather type, oil inspection type, and more.