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About Us

Manufacturers worldwide rely on Trico to provide solutions that help them to keep their critical equipment up and running. Equipment failure can bring production to a halt and cost the company thousands of dollars in lost production and time.

Our broad product lines include lubrication storage & handling, contamination control, lubrication & re-lubrication, and oil sampling. In addition to products, we leverage our expertise in lubrication management to develop customized services such as in-plant equipment audits, training in lubrication best practices, as well as oil analysis services.

Our Culture

Our employees on the front line are the ones who know our customers best, so they are the ones empowered to make decisions and turn their ideas into reality. We don’t have layers of management – we have teams who set goals together and hold each other accountable. This is what makes Trico truly different from other employers and a great place to work for talented, self-motivated, team players.

Trico is organized into self-managing teams. Successes and failures (both at the individual level & the team level) are shared and viewed as a learning opportunity. Team members are expected to help each other learn, and individual growth occurs through the success and growth of the team.

Strength Through Teamwork

Our most valuable team members are those who seek continuous improvement—improvement to our processes, improvement of themselves, and supporting their team members in their efforts to improve. Teamwork is our strength – together we achieve more. 

  • Identifying targets
  • Working together
  • Improving performance
  • Increase efficiency
  • Strategy formulation
  • Collaboration

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Benefits and Perks

In recognition of the value that each employee brings to Trico, we offer a competitive total pay and benefits package. You will find benefits designed to address your health and well-being, financial security, education opportunities, and paid time-off.

Lab Analyst

Working at Trico has allowed me to have a healthy balance of individualism and personal ownership of my work while also countering that with team efforts and group work to achieve larger goals than would be attainable on one's own.

Melissa Frederick


It's about the people I work with. They are all enthusiastic/fun, conscientious and detailed.

Kristin Lange


I feel the work environment is the best thing about Trico. I like that each team runs their area and we are not micro-managed. It really creates a good atmosphere and makes you feel like the job you're doing is noticed and appreciated.

Erika Elieff

International Sales

What I like most is the teamwork spirit of the entire organization. All are gears of the same engine and work with absolute synchronization! Another thing I like is the fact that we work in continuous contact, which makes, especially in my case that I'm out of the city and the country, every day I feel part of the team and responsible for the results obtained by the company.

Carlos Pimenta


The family atmosphere - how almost everyone knows your name and really talks to each other. No matter where you are in the company, everyone will stop and say hello.

Adam Breidster