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Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage System - Essential Stack

The Essential Stack provides a budget-friendly and space-saving solution. It's designed to easily and effectively identify, handle, store, and dispense lubricants and is an economical way to save space on a plant floor, while keeping lubricants organized and contaminant free. The 65-gallon tank capacity eliminates the cost of wasted space, time, labor, and unnecessary equipment purchases required when using 55-gallon drums.

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Allows for easy expansion with up to two Storage Stacks per each Pump Stack for a maximum of six tanks per Essential Stack System


Integrated Forklift Pockets

Comes with built-in lift points for easy forklift and hand pallet transportation

Special Feature

Essential Stack System Configuration

The Essential Stack System is ideal for any plant size because it's flexible to space requirements. It is available in two tank stack configurations with a maximum of six tanks per system to meet various bulk storage needs.


Color-Coded Organization

Eliminate the potential for mess and mishandling by keeping each fluid clearly identified with Trico's color-coded tags and labels, part of the Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management line of products. Each label features a space to identify the specific substance contained within each tank, ensuring the right lubricant is delivered to the right equipment every time. System comes with a set of 10 color labels and tags to clearly mark tanks and valves with oil type to ensure the right product is being used at the right application.

Additional Features

Self-Closing Brass Dispensing Valves

These heavy-duty self-closing valves make dispensing oil quick, easy, and spill-free. The valves include 3/4" NPT threaded openings.

65 Gallon Tanks

10 gallons of additional capacity allows you to pump all product out of a 55-gallon drum and into the Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage tank.

Expandable System

Easily add extra stacks to an existing system with the Storage Stack (P/N 37202) for a maximum of six tanks per Essential Stack system.

Heavy Gauge Racking

The heavy gauge racking supports tanks when completely filled with lubricant.

Spill Containment and Dispensing Area

Heavy duty steel constructed and built to exceed regulations of 110% capacity

Desiccant Breathers

Prevent moisture and particulate contamination from entering tanks

Sight Ports

Provides quick easy indication of oil level

Shut-Off Ball Valves

Each tank is equipped with its own valve to shut-off the oil flow.

Stainless Steel Wands

These heavy-duty stainless-steel wands are corrosion resistant to provide long life and are used to fill tanks (excluded on the expansion Storage Stack).

Pump Control Switch

Customer-mounted on/off switch to control the operation of the pump

Bronze Gear Pump

Self-priming pump saves time

Pressure Relief Valve

Prevents over pressurizing and damage to tanks

Other Specs

Model Description Pump Motor Depth Width Height
37200 Pump Stack (base stack required to build Essential Stack System) 120V 20 AMP 46" 36" 88"
37202 Storage Stack (use to add additional stacks to Essential Stack System up to 6 tanks per system) N/A 46" 36" 88"
37245 Pump Stack (base stack required to build Essential Stack System) Pneumatic 46" 36" 88"
37257 Pump Stack (base stack required to build Essential Stack System) 50 Hz 46" 36" 88"

Spectrum Essential Bulk Oil Storage System Overview