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Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage System

It's time to clean-up your storage act.

Easy to relocate to satellite lube area locations if necessary

Provides proper storage and dispensing to ensure lubricant cleanliness

Ships fully assembled, ready for use

Accommodates any number of lubricants required for storage

Clean, cost-effective alternative to storing 55-gallon drums

Why Do You Need Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage Systems?

A simple solution to reliably store, organize, handle, and dispense lubricants.

Reduces Space

Systems are designed to maximize space and eliminate drum clutter in your facility.

Prevents Cross-Contamination

Consistently identifying lubricants through the use of labels and color-coding system ensures the right oil goes into the correct storage tank, transfer container, and machine every time.

Eliminates Safety Hazards

Bulk Oil Storage Systems reduce the risk of work-related injuries caused by moving and stacking 55-gallon drums.