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Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage System

It's time to clean-up your storage act.

Easy Storage Relocation

Easy to relocate to satellite lube area locations if necessary

Proper Storage & Dispensing

Provides proper storage and dispensing to ensure lubricant cleanliness

Ready-to-Use System

Ships fully assembled, ready for use

High-Capacity Storage

Accommodates any number of lubricants required for storage

55-Gallon Drum Alternative

Clean, cost-effective alternative to storing 55-gallon drums

Why Do You Need Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage Systems?

A simple solution to reliably store, organize, handle, and dispense lubricants.

Reduces Space

Systems are designed to maximize space and eliminate drum clutter in your facility.

Prevents Cross-Contamination

Consistently identifying lubricants through the use of labels and color-coding system ensures the right oil goes into the correct storage tank, transfer container, and machine every time.

Eliminates Safety Hazards

Bulk Oil Storage Systems reduce the risk of work-related injuries caused by moving and stacking 55-gallon drums.