Spectrum bulk Oil Storage Systems

Innovation in storing, handling, and dispensing lubricants.

bring oil intelligence to life.

Discover the story your oil analysis results have to tell.

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With Sensei OLEX for Hazardous Locations

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Recent additions and updates to our products and services offering.

filling spectrum container from spectrum bulk oil storage system

Spectrum® Bulk Oil Storage Systems

The Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage Systems provide a cleaner, safer, and easier alternative to 55-gallon drums for handling, storing, and dispensing industrial lubricants.

Wear Debris Analysis Slide

2022 Dates for Wear Particle Analysis Course

This course is designed to provide attendees with a working knowledge of Ferrographic Analysis and its relationship to used lubricant analysis. Check out 2022  dates.

sensei oil level monitoring device

Sensei ® Oil Level Monitoring Device

What if you could sense what’s happening inside your equipment without physically going to it? Now you can – with Sensei Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence.

orbital bringing oil intelligence to life

Orbital…Bring Oil Intelligence to Life

With Orbital your oil analysis data is displayed in simple, visual formats such as charts, graphics, and tables for ease of analysis and interpretation through a web-based portal.  


Spectrum® Bulk Oil Storage Systems

These systems provide a simple solution to store, organize, identify, handle, and dispense lubricants. Big or small they can accommodate any space and application to meet your storage and handling requirements. Take a quick tour of the Spectrum Bulk Oil Storage Systems by viewing this short video.

Trico’s Orbital App is Available!

No more scribbling details on an oily bottle label! Scan, update and submit your sample data to Trico’s lab for enhanced oil analysis. Make oil sample data capturing easy and thorough with the Trico mobile app.

Recent Videos

Short, informative videos on our products and services.

how do sampling ports work

Sampling Ports

Learn how oil sampling ports work and options available

how to take an oil sample

Oil Sampling

Learn how to take a proper oil sample from equipment

spectrum color coding products


Understanding the steps to implement color-coding

setting up a lube room

Lube Room

Ensure your lube room meets best practices

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