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Used Oil Analysis

Your oil tells a story, let us tell that story to you in great detail.

Trico’s used oil analysis provides a variety of physical and chemical tests to assess lubricant condition and its ability to perform, as required by the machine’s application. We provide a variety of test packages to determine contamination levels and the health of your lubricant and equipment so you can take the necessary actions when needed. As the results of your tests come back to us, we will alert you to critical levels and possible reasons for your result. No other lab will provide the expertise that Trico does in terms of years of service by trained lab technicians, analytical ferrography, and lubrication program experts.


  • Evaluates the chemical contamination of the oil
  • Determines the usability of the oil
  • Determines the dissolved elements and concentration of additives
  • Estimates the usable life of the oil
  • Determines optimum oil change intervals
  • Time and labor costs saved due to extended oil change intervals
  • Improved reliability due to early warning and detection of faults
  • Peace of mind knowing that equipment is operating optimally

Our Value

  • Experienced laboratory and analytical staff ensuring high quality and timely information
  • State-of-the art laboratory instrumentation utilizing applicable ASTM and ISO standards for producing reliable test data
  • Customized testing programs optimizing the value of individual fluid condition monitoring services
  • On-site program set-up, support and oil analysis training seminars for maximum value of test and analysis information
  • High quality supplies and hardware for consistent, repeatable sample collection
  • A complete analysis report that includes all information relevant to the type of fluid tested. Each report contains ratings, recommendations, supporting text, tables, and/or an image providing a complete picture of a machine’s operating condition through Orbital
  • Easy-to-read, plain language reports that are easily deciphered throughout the organization
  • Easy-to-distribute PDF condition reports can be accessed from Trico’s password protected Orbital platform
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited to ensure proper quality control
  • Intensive quality assurance checks in-house and with external resources such as ASTM’s PTP program
  • MLT/MLA certified Lubrication Program Managers assigned specifically to your account to assist you with your reliability program needs


ISO Certification

Trico is committed to providing quality oil analysis services. To meet this high level of quality our lab is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited which means we implement a quality system that is aimed at improving our ability to consistently produce valid results for our customers. ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is an International Standard designed for the accreditation of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. It includes quality management system requirements along with technical requirements to ensure that each laboratory is equipped to perform particular tests and calibration activities. The accreditation offers the following benefits:

  • Demonstration of a well-established quality management system producing reliable and competent test and calibration results
  • Reduction of the amount of regulatory assessments required
  • Competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • International recognition of test and calibration reports

Integrating Machine Vitals with Oil Analysis

Bridging the Gap with Continuous Monitoring

Utilizing Machine VitalsTM alongside oil analysis provide a comprehensive solution for monitoring your equipment's health. By continuously tracking operational conditions, including temperature, relative humidity, and pressure fluctuations, Machine Vitals complements the periodic insights gained from oil analysis. This synergy bridges the gaps between oil analysis intervals, offering real-time data that can signal emerging issues before they escalate. The integration of Machine Vitals with oil analysis ensures a holistic approach to maintenance, enhancing predictive capabilities and fostering a proactive maintenance culture.