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Multi-Port Adapter

Our Multi-Port Adapter offers a practical solution for incorporating desiccant breathers, oil sampling equipment, quick-connect couplers, and online sensors into one inlet port. Designed for flexibility, this adapter easily integrates with various hydraulic equipment, tanks, gearboxes, pumps, etc., providing the necessary inlet ports to meet current equipment needs.

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Universal Application

Its comprehensive range of port sizes and high-pressure rating make it an ideal choice for a wide array of hydraulic systems, ensuring you have the flexibility to meet the evolving needs of your equipment and industry. 


Streamlined Maintenance and Diagnostics

By integrating advanced sensors such as Machine VitalsTM, desiccant breathers, quick couplers, and oil sampling equipment, operators gain access to essential data for predictive maintenance and monitoring system health, also ensuring protection and access for filling and filtration.

Additional Features

Versatile Connectivity
A robust 1-inch female NPT main connection port complemented by two 3/4-inch and two 1/2-inch female NPT ports, plus an additional 1-inch female NPT on the top.
High Pressure
Built to withstand pressures up to 2500 psi.
Equipment Compatibility
Whether it's for hydraulic tanks, gearboxes, or other equipment, this adapter allows for the addition of desiccant breathers, quick connect couplers, oil sampling pitot tubes, and more, without the need for complex modifications.

Other Specs

Model Description Color
34567 Multi-Port Adapter Black

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