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Sampling Valves and Tubes

Precision oil sampling made easy with sampling valves and tubes.

Minimize leakage and accidental contamination risks.

No machine downtime required for oil sampling.

Fixed sampling location guarantees accurate results.

Achieve precision oil sampling with ease.

Why do you need Sampling Valves and Tubes?

Get cleaner, accurate oil samples with sampling valves and tubes.

Maximize Data Density

Samples should reflect the current status of the lubricant and the machine. Samples should contain the most amount of representative data possible.

Minimize Data Disturbance

Data disturbance or noise in the sample can produce false positives during testing and analysis. Following best practice for sample extraction, sample location and the correct oil analysis test slate will help reduce or eliminate data disturbance.

Proper Frequency

Sampling at the proper frequency will allow us to trend data and identify problems associated with the lubricant or the machine not just when a limit is breached, but when an abnormal rate of change is acknowledged.

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