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Sensei Enabled Opto-Matic Oiler

Say goodbye to traditional lube routes, unnecessary maintenance, and emergency service with Sensei® Enabled Opto-Matic Oiler, part of the Sensei IIoT Network. This innovative system allows you to keep a constant watch on the lubricant inside your equipment, enabling your team to be more proactive and efficient.

With quick installation and easy expansion capabilities, Sensei Enabled Opto-Matic Oiler provides everything you need to swiftly identify, solve, and optimize lubrication issues, ensuring uninterrupted equipment operation. Don't wait for problems to arise – let Sensei Enabled Opto-Matic Oiler empowers you to maintain peak performance effortlessly.

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Anywhere Oil Level Monitoring

With the ability to monitor oil levels from anywhere, you can proactively address issues and prevent costly downtime. Stay informed and stay in control to optimize maintenance schedules, extend equipment lifespan, and boost productivity.

Remote monitoring of oil levels in critical equipment is a game-changer. By detecting potential issues or leaks early on, you can take immediate action and avoid unexpected disruptions. Plan maintenance activities effectively and make informed decisions based on accurate data.

Sensei Enabled Opto-Matic Enabled Oiler gives you peace of mind, knowing that you can access oil level data anytime, anywhere. Take control of your equipment's maintenance needs, reduce operational risks, and maximize profitability. 
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Problematic Equipment

It is important to address issues before they escalate into safety hazards or disrupt operations. Sensei Enabled Opto-Matic Oiler proactively monitors lubricant conditions. By analyzing historical trends and identifying problematic equipment, Sensei Enabled Opto-Matic Oiler empowers companies to mitigate risks and maintain a safe working environment. Moreover, it goes beyond mere detection, alerting users about bad actors and flagging concerning conditions that require immediate attention.

By taking timely corrective action based on these alerts, companies can prevent serious incidents from occurring. Through the implementation of Sensei Enabled Opto-Matic Oiler, companies can safeguard the well-being of their workforce, minimize costly downtime, and enhance overall operational efficiency. 

Sensei Platform

Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making

The Sensei Platform offers a solution for accessing data from Sensei Devices on their network. With an intuitive dashboard packed with charts, alerts, and an overview of key metrics, users can quickly access the information they need to make insightful decisions. By providing around-the-clock monitoring, analysis, and trending of data, this robust platform empowers organizations to ensure reliability and productivity in their operations.


Prevent Low Oil Levels

Sensei Enabled Opto-Matic Oiler predicts the number of days remaining until your oiler is empty, allowing you to proactively prevent low oil levels. Monitoring oil levels is crucial for ensuring optimal equipment performance. With our predictive capabilities, you can stay one step ahead by knowing exactly how many days are left until your oiler needs refilling. This proactive approach eliminates the risk of running out of oil and helps you maintain uninterrupted operations. 

Additional Features

Lubricant Monitoring
Continuous infrared monitoring of oil level and ambient temperature
Ongoing Insights
Continuously monitors and transmits key parameters to your network
Simple to Integrate
Sensing devices install in minutes on your equipment
Battery Life
Minimum 3-year battery life. Batteries are replaceable. 
Closed System
Prevents ingression of contaminants into the lubricant
Sight Gauge
Two-inch sight gauge for easy viewing of oil level. Oil level can be viewed through Sensei Platform as well.
One piece glass reservoir ensures constant level function.
Oil Level Range
Adjustable level setting with 0.68” range.

Other Specs

Model Description Oiler Type Intrinsically Safe Kit Option Capacity
38100 Sensei Enabled Closed System Opto-Matic Oiler Closed System No No 8 oz
38101 Sensei Enabled Vented Opto-Matic Oiler Vented No No 8 oz
38110 Sensei Enabled Closed System Opto-Matic Oiler, with Expansion Chamber and Braided Line Closed System No Yes 8 oz
38120 Sensei Enabled Closed System Opto-Matic Oiler, Instrinsically Safe Closed System Yes No 8 oz
38121 Sensei Enabled Vented Opto-Matic Oiler, Intrinsically Safe Vented Yes No 8 oz
38130 Sensei Enabled Closed System Opto-Matic Oiler, with EX Breather and Braided Line Closed System Yes Yes 8 oz

Sensei OLEX Overview and Operation

Sensei Always Maintaining - Always Running

Sensei Real-Time Lubrication Intelligence Maximizes Uptime

Sensei Always Maintaining - Always Running