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Condition Monitoring Sensors

Sensei Devices

Machine Vitals condition monitoring devices for predictive and preventative maintenance, and optimal machine health and operation.

IoT Connected Devices

Intelligent, connected devices provide valuable data

Predictive Maintenance

Continuous, always-on monitoring of assets for predictive maintenance

Data-Driven Decisions

Enables improvement efforts and data-driven decision-making

Machine Health

Insights for equipment performance monitoring and optimization

Intuitive Dashboard

Dashboard interface for alerts, status, and analytics

Why do you need Sensei Devices?

Our Sensei devices are machine condition monitoring devices. They are used to detect and prevent equipment failures by continuously monitoring and analyzing various parameters and performance data in real-time.

Improve Reliability

Stay informed instantly about any issues and preventing them from escalating into major problems.

Save Time

Access equipment data easily, eliminating the need for manual checks and saving valuable time for your team.

Gain Powerful Insights

Monitor key parameters 24/7 and utilize analytics to suggest preventive measures and drive performance enhancements.

What is Condition Monitoring?

Condition monitoring is a machine health monitoring process that moves from reactive to predictive maintenance. With the right tools, you get constant and consistent measurements that provide your teams with a clear picture of machine health and performance without expending labor.