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Drum Liquid Level Gauges

Easily check the fluid level of a 55-gallon drums at a glance with the Drum Liquid Level Gauges. The unique design provides the capability to adjust the distance between the center locations of the bung fittings to allow for manufacturing inconsistencies of the drum top.

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Top Connector Fitting

The Drum Liquid Level Gauge includes a top connector fitting for a desiccant breather or breather manifold system. With the installation of a desiccant breather or breather manifold system, the Drum Liquid Level Gauge is used to control outside contamination while allowing the drum to naturally breathe due to heating, cooling, and fluid volume changes caused by temperature fluctuations.

Additional Features


Two connections re aadjustable to fit 55-gallon drums with ¾” and 2” bungs centered at 18”.

Fluid Control

Allows tanks and drums to breathe clean, filtered air from the top of the tank and not burp from the spigot

Durable Construction

The guarded, impact-resistant Borosilicate Glass (Pyrex) is able to handle high heat without breakage or vibration.

Spark Resistant

Nickel-plated brass does not produce sparks


Eliminates the need for both a Liquid Level Gauge and a tank or drum breather

Easy Installation

The drum fittings include bung gaskets, eliminating the need for messy pipe sealant.

High-Performance Seals

Viton® seals for all wetted parts

Contamination Exclusion

A fully sealed design is fitted to work with a desiccant breather or breather manifold systems with ½” NPTF connection.

Optional Parts

Optional kidney loop re-circulation connectors for use with filtration systems with ½” ISO B hydraulic quick connectors

Dispensing Valve

Includes a self-closing dispensing faucet for ease of dispensing fluid and leakage prevention

Other Specs

Model Description EX Breather Kidney Loop
14-00234 Drum LLG - Kidney Loop No Yes
14-00263 Drum LLG No No
16-00343 Drum LLG - EX Breather Yes No
16-00344 Drum LLG - Kidney Loop & EX Breather Yes Yes

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