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Closed System Oiler - Red Collar Advantages

Dan Freeland


Riding the Red Wave of Change

closed-oiler-images-(2).jpgIn a previous article we defined the differences between red, blue, and zinc die cast collars on the closed system Opto-Matic oilers.  We also recently posted a YouTube video describing and demonstrating the installation of the closed system Opto-Matic oiler. After doing these media posts we noticed a significant uptick in red collar closed system oilers. I have also talked to several customers that, once seeing the video, they converted all their closed systems to the red collar version. We thought we’d take another look at the specific advantages the red collar oiler represents.

Incremental Adjustment

The most significant difference between the red collar vs the blue and the zinc die cast versions are the seven independent through holes on the sides of the collar as opposed to the slots offered in the blue collar and the zinc die cast collar. The significance of these holes can be quite large if your maintenance personnel have had issues when reinstalling the glass bottle onto the oiler body, lowering the oil level. Sometimes the set screws on the slotted versions are not tight enough to withstand the force applied when reinstalling the reservoir. The result of that is when the collar slides down, it lowers the oil level the oiler is supposed to maintain. This will affect the lubrication applied to the rotating components. The advantage of the through holes is that they provide a positive stop that doesn’t allow the collar to slide downward from the force applied when reinstalling the bottle. The oil level stays exactly where you set it in the first place. These hole settings are on both sides of the collar, offset from side to side by 1/8” increments. Only one set screw is needed.


The secondary advantage of the red collars is that the through holes are identified by the letters A through G. This allows anyone writing the SOP’s for that oiler and/or equipment to positively call out a setting letter. The oil level setting stays consistent no matter who is setting or refilling the oiler. 

Ride the Red Wave

Agreed the differences are minor, and users of the blue and the zinc die cast collars may never see the need for these red collars, but it seems as though the red collar is gaining popularity throughout the industry. Maybe it’s a red wave you’d like to hop on. If so, you can view them here or reach out to us, we are more than happy to help.