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Viewports - 3D Plastic Lens

The 3D Lens Viewports can be used to monitor oil levels within a sump housing and provide visual inspection of lubricant condition.

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Additional Features

Multiple Angle Viewing
A straight protruding lens simplifies liquid viewing and reduces distortion created by dome lenses, especially on small sizes.

The lenses can be removed in the field for cleaning, rather than purchasing and installing a new viewport.

Corrosion Resistance

Viewports are offered in brass or zinc-plated steel bodies.

Durable Construction

Engineered polymer lens for long life

Other Specs

Model Description Material Connection Dim A (in) Dim B (in) Dim C (in)
34199 Viewport Steel 1/2 NPT 7/8 1/2 1-17/32
34201 Viewport Steel 3/4 NPT 1-1/8 3/4 1-9/16
34202 Viewport Steel 1 NPT 1-5/16 1 1-11/16
34230 Viewport Brass 1/2 NPT 7/8 1/2 1-17/32
34231 Viewport Brass 3/4 NPT 1-1/8 3/4 1-9/16
34232 Viewport Brass 1 NPT 1-5/16 1 1-11/16

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