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Sump Bottles

Trico Sump Bottles are used as collection chambers on bearing housings and other oil sump applications. They collect water and contaminants and have a drain plug for easy inspection and removal of fluids.

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Simple to Use

Easy open/close drain valve

Additional Features

Durable Construction

Plastic reservoirs have reinforcing ribs for long life and impact resistance.

Leak Proof

Copper brazing of all steel connections provides long life and leak proof design.

Corrosion Resistance

Zinc plating resists corrosion.

Other Specs

Model Description Connection (NPT) Capacity Dim A (in) Dim B (in)
31321 Sump Bottle 1/8 2 oz 1-15/16 2-1/16
31341 Sump Bottle 1/8 4 oz 2-5/16 2-7/8
31342 Sump Bottle 1/4 4 oz 2-5/16 2-7/8
31382 Sump Bottle 1/4 8 oz 2-5/8 4

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