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Gearbox Sight Glass Kit

Gearbox Installation Kits are designed to be adapted to fit a variety of manufactured gearbox types and mounting positions. Kits allow for identification of proper oil level in the gearbox, reduce contamination by allowing desiccant breather filtration, provide quick disconnect ports to allow filtering with filtration equipment, and have an oil-sampling port designed for high-viscosity oils.

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Kit Includes

Gearbox Sight Glass Kits provide different sight glass sizes for installation. It requires ordering a Gearbox Base Kit in addition to the Gearbox Sight Glass Kit.

Other Specs

Model Description Sight Glass Size Tube Connection Overall Length Glass Diameter Hex
40029 Gearbox Sight Glass 1.5" 1/4" 3.25" 0.625" 13/16
40030 Gearbox Sight Glass 3.5" 1/4" 5.25" 0.625" 13/16
40031 Gearbox Sight Glass 5.5" 1/4" 7.25" 0.625" 13/16
40032 Gearbox Sight Glass 7.5" 1/4" 9.25" 0.625" 13/16
40033 Gearbox Sight Glass 9.5" 1/4" 11.25" 0.625" 13/16
40034 Gearbox Sight Glass 12.5" 1/4" 14.25" 0.625" 13/16

Desiccant Breathers

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