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Vacuum Pumps

How you take samples shouldn't determine the results you get. Use the proper tools and have confidence in the actions you take. A necessary tool for extracting an oil sample from the sample port, Trico’s Vacuum Pump is compact for ease of transport. When used in combination with a sample port adapter, flexible tubing, and a 4-ounce oil sample bottle the user is able to connect to any Trico sample port for contamination-free oil sampling in the most representative locations.

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Release Valve

The Heavy-Duty Vacuum Pump model includes a release valve.

Additional Features

Vacuum Draw
Draws a vacuum of 27 inches of Hg (Mercury)
Sample Bottle Use
For use with oil sampling bottles that have a 38-400 bottle thread. Works with sample bottle part number 36813 and 36814.
Tubing Diameter
Uses 3/16″ to 5/16″ tubing

Other Specs

Model Description Style
36800 Vacuum Pump Standard
36801 Vacuum Pump Heavy-Duty with Release Valve

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