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Why Reference Samples are Important

Victoria Bunchek


Protect Your Equipment with Reference Samples

Did you know 75% of new oil does not meet cleanliness level requirements of the equipment?

And…61% of lubrication professionals do not sample or test new oil upon receipt?

But you should. This oil will be used in your most critical assets. Shouldn’t the oil be tested to make sure it’s fit for the job?

When it comes to oil analysis, reference samples are important in helping to protect your equipment.

What is a Reference Sample?

A reference sample is a sample of an oil before it is put into service. This provides a snapshot of the makeup of the oil to compare against when analyzing the in-service or used oil. This comparison is important to understand what has changed with the used oil, and, more importantly, what is going on with the equipment.

Benefits of Reference Samples

  • Improves diagnostics and accuracy of oil analysis results
  • Establishes a baseline for monitoring in-service lubricants
  • Verifies lubricant cleanliness and chemical make-up

Reference Sample Locations

Reference samples come from three distinct stages of The Journey of the Lubricant® – arrival, storage, and transfer. Each reference sample can provide unique attributes at each stage.
  1. Arrival – Correct Lubricant Received
    1. Provides indication of condition and care your supplier has taken to ensure oil has the proper characteristics such as viscosity and is contaminant free.
  2. Storage – Behavioral Practices
    1. Identifies how your practices are impacting your lubricant condition.
  3. Transfer – Diagnostics Accuracy
    1. Provides the best baseline for equipment test results and identifies how practices are impacting lubricant condition.
Hopefully, you can understand why it is important to take reference samples at each stage – arrival, storage, and transfer – to be able to pinpoint when and where contamination or chemical changes are taking place.

Need Help with Your Oil Analysis Program?

Do you want to make sure you are submitting reference samples correctly or need to start, but need some assistance? Contact us, we are more than happy to help with your oil analysis needs.
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