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Effective Constant Level Lubrication

Dan Freeland


Ensuring Optimum Performance

Constant level oilers have been utilized on rotating equipment for more than ninety years. They are the most effective and widely used method of maintaining the proper oil level in process and rotating equipment that depletes lubricant through use, wear, and friction. They are simple in design with no moving parts and follow the most basic principles of fluid dynamics. Once the proper level has been set, replacing the oil in the reservoir is the only required maintenance.

There are a countless number of Opto-Matic oilers installed in applications all over the world. From time to time, some of these applications can cause the constant level oiler to misfeed or leak. Most of these troubled applications can be corrected with simple installation or application corrections. We have created a short troubleshooting guide that covers most conditions where a constant level oiler could misfeed or leak.

Following the recommendations in this guide will assure optimum performance of the oiler and the equipment it is installed on.

Constant Level Oiler Troubleshooting Guide

Download our complimentary troubleshooting guide on constant level oilers which includes the vented and closed system Opto-Matic Oilers and Watchdog Oilers.