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Opto-Matic Oiler - Glass

Constant level oilers have been utilized on rotating equipment for more than 90 years. They are the most effective and widely used method of maintaining the proper oil level in process and rotating equipment that depletes lubricant through use, wear, and friction. They are simple in design with no moving parts and follow the most basic principles of fluid dynamics. Once the proper level has been set, replacing the oil in the reservoir is the only required maintenance.

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Adjustable Oil Level

This unique device raises and lowers the oil level in the lubricating sump. This is accomplished by moving the threaded arms up or down the leveling stem until the desired oil level is achieved. The leveling arms are then locked tight and maintain that setting.


Air Vent Slots

The air vent slots permit air to enter the oiler for proper functioning at all times. The air vents are equally spaced around the oiler. The chances of all the air vents becoming clogged is almost impossible compared to oilers with a single vent hole.

Additional Features

One-Piece Glass Reservoir

A one-piece glass reservoir ensures proper constant level function. Compared to competitive models, there is no possibility of leakage that would cause overfilling of the bearing housing.

Large Surge Chamber

Large surge chamber helps prevent overflow of oil during machine start-up or shutdown

Side and Bottom Connections

Oilers available with both side and bottom connections for simplified installation

Durable Models Available

Stainless steel models provide long life in corrosive environments in the chemical, pulp and paper, and mining industries.

Other Specs

Model Description Material (opto-matic oiler-glass) Capacity (Opto-Matic Oiler- glass) Connection Dim A (in) Dim B (min) Dim B (max) Dim C (min)
30002 Opto-Matic Zinc Plated 2 1/2 oz. 1/4 NPT 2-1/2 3-15/16 4-1/4 11/32
30003 Opto-Matic Zinc Plated 4 oz 1/4 NPT 2-11/16 5 5-3/4 9/32
30005 Opto-Matic  Zinc Plated 8 oz 1/4 NPT 3-3/16 5-15/16 6-11/16 9/32
30010 Opto-Matic Zinc Plated 16 oz 1/4 NPT 4-1/8 6-13/16 7-9/16 9/32
30213 Opto-Matic Stainless Steel 4 oz 1/4 NPT 2-11/16 4-15/16 5-11/16 9/32
30215 Opto-Matic Stainless Steel 8 oz 1/4 NPT 3-3/16 5-7/8 6-5/8 9/32
30220 Opto-Matic Stainless Steel 16 oz 1/4 NPT 4-1/8 6-3/4 7-1/2 9/32

Trico Constant Level Oilers Product Line Overview