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Too Little Oil Sample Volume

Victoria Bunchek


What is the correct sample volume to submit for oil analysis?

oil-sample-bottle-volume-235x300.jpgProper sampling procedures are the foundation of an effective oil analysis program. However, an important factor that is often overlooked, is the oil sample volume being submitted to the lab. When too little oil sample volume is submitted, oil analysis results and diagnosis is delayed. To maximize the effectiveness of your oil analysis program and prevent delays, it is suggested to fill a 4-ounce sample bottle up to the neck. Doing so provides: 

  • Adequate headspace to homogenize samples 
  • Enough fluid to cover the suite of oil analysis tests 
  • Additional fluid in case any data needs to be verified with a second run 
  • Additional fluid in case ferrographic analysis needs to be performed 

Providing enough sample will prevent delays in getting your results and will also improve the insights you receive, since the information is coming from one sample draw instead of multiple if too little sample were provided. 

Want Some Help with Oil Sampling?

Do you want to make sure you are submitting representative oil samples? Watch our video “How to Take and Oil Sample for Oil Analysis”.