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The Secrets of Extending the Life of Your Oil and Equipment

Dan Freeland


Three Strategies for Longevity

For maintenance managers and reliability professionals, keeping equipment functioning for as long as possible is always the end goal. One way to achieve this is by extending the lifespan of oil used in equipment, which is crucial for optimal performance. The solution lies in a combination of industrial filter systems, online sensors, and oil analysis. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into how each of these technologies can help maintain the health of your equipment. 

Online Sensors  

Online sensors are an essential component of maintaining the health of your equipment. These sensors monitor important indicators like heat and humidity, which can indicate potential issues like contamination. By using online sensors to collect data, maintenance professionals can take a more proactive approach to equipment maintenance. Rather than relying on random or time-based oil sampling, this technology can supplement or even replace these methods altogether. This saves time, and money, and can alert technicians to potential issues before they become major problems. 

Oil Analysis 

Even with reliable online sensors, thorough oil analysis is still necessary to protect equipment from damage and maintain or improve its working life. Professional oil analysis and consultation can help identify potential issues verified by oil sampling and analysis, thus providing insight into action items that can mitigate or eliminate these issues. If you are not sure what your OA results are telling you, it is advisable to consult with the experts in this field to help get trustworthy recommendations that can improve equipment health. 

Industrial Filtration Systems 

Modern industrial filtration systems have become ubiquitous in many industries. In many cases, even each type of oil used in facilities has its own filtration system, which combats cross-contamination from different oils. Much can be said about the benefits of these types of systems, but recirculating oil in equipment to “better than new” condition, particularly as it concerns contamination, is paramount. Industrial filtration systems can extend the useful life of oil, lowering maintenance costs, and making oil usage more efficient. 

Combining These Technologies 

Combining online sensors, oil analysis, and industrial filtration systems can significantly enhance equipment health and lifespan. By monitoring equipment conditions through sensors, conducting oil analysis to identify problematic issues, and filtering contaminated oil through industrial filtration systems, organizations can optimize their maintenance plans, reduce their downtime, and extend the working life of their equipment. 

Maintenance managers should always prioritize finding solutions that extend the lifespan of equipment, to avoid spending large amounts of money and time on unwarranted repairs, replacements, or maintenance. By making use of online sensors, oil analysis, and industrial filtration systems, equipment health can be maintained at an optimal level. What we find is that by paying attention to each of these details, the working life of oil, and ultimately, the equipment, is extended, thus minimizing the risk of an unexpected shutdown or significant repair. 

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