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How to Get Your Oil Analysis Results Faster

Victoria Bunchek


Follow these tips for quick, reliable oil sample turnaround

Do you need your oil analysis results as soon as possible?

The way oil samples are submitted and the information provided can impact your turnaround time.

Follow these simple tips to ensure your oil samples arrive at the lab ready for processing.


  1. Use an appropriate bottle for oil sampling that is clean and dry.
  2. Make sure the sample bottle is full (minimum of 4 ounces)
  3. Make sure the cap on the bottle is tightly secured.
  4. Write clearly and complete all necessary information on label.
  5. Affix label to sample bottle.
  6. Complete Equipment Data Sheet (EDS) for new equipment.
  7. Verify information for existing sample points is current.
  8. Notify lab of ANY lubricant changes.
  9. Ship bottles upright to avoid spillage.
  10. Ensure purchase order is in place prior to sending samples.
  11. Inform lab, in advance, if an oil sample requires rush analysis.
  12. Send sample to lab immediately after it has been drawn.
  13. Submit a virgin oil sample for each lubricant every year.
  14. Make sure contact information is up-to-date and is reachable for any questions during sampling process.


  1. Send oil sample bottles without a label or incomplete Equipment Data Sheet.
  2. Cross off label information for new equipment.
  3. Use Scotch tape or masking tape around the cap.
  4. Return empty oil sample bottles – keep them for your next set of oil samples.
  5. Reuse ANY sample bottle.
  6. Use bottles not made for sampling.
  7. Ship oil sample bottles less than ½ full

The Bottom Line

Oil analysis is a highly effective preventative and predictive maintenance measure that will provide a clear picture of the condition of your lubricant and equipment. Spending a few extra minutes correctly labeling, packaging, and sending your samples will help ensure you receive your results in a timely manner as well as improve the insights you receive.

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