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Are Your Lube Routes Taking a Backseat

Mike Gauthier


Automate the Lubrication Process with Automatic Grease Dispensers

Are your lube routes too tedious? Do you find you do not have enough time in the day to perform them?
To make the task of lube routes simpler, many facilities are switching to automatic grease dispensers over manual grease lubrication. The increased popularity of them is due to the wide range of benefits that these dispensers offer compared to their manual counterparts.

Consistent and Reliable Lubrication

Each lubrication point requires a specific amount of grease at a specific time. You can rely on automatic grease dispensers to do what they are programmed to, with consistency. The right amount of grease is applied at the right time. There is little to no variation in how the grease is applied. This eliminates the potential of over and under greasing that typically happens with manual greasing.

Prevents Contamination

Avoiding contamination can be challenging with manual greasing. Grease fittings are a source of contamination. They contain dirt, sand, or dust that can easily make its way into the equipment. Even grease fittings that are properly capped can be compromised during the re-lubrication process from dirty work environments and tools. With automatic grease dispensers the risk of contamination is less likely. The re-lubrication process is far less often, greatly minimizing the opportunity for contamination to occur.

Decreases Grease Consumption

The proper amount of grease for each lubrication point is difficult to accurately apply with a manual grease gun – often leading to over greasing. Automatic grease dispensers provide precise amounts of grease at user set intervals, reducing grease waste.

Lowers Maintenance/Labor Costs

Automatic grease dispensers provide a consistent flow of grease to prevent metal-to-metal contact. This extends equipment life by reducing wear, saving you on spare parts and repair costs. Furthermore, your equipment will no longer need manual greasing by technicians, so you will lower your labor costs considerably. You’ll also save time as it takes 2-3 minutes to replenish an automatic grease dispenser compared to the 10-15 minutes it takes to manually grease a lubrication point – allowing your technician time to be used elsewhere. In the right circumstance, you can even grease multiple points with one lubricator.

Prolongs Equipment Life

Automatic grease dispensers provide your equipment with the right amount of lubricant at the right time, in the right location and at the right frequency resulting in reduced wear and extended equipment life.

Improves Safety and Working Conditions

Automatic grease dispensers reduce the safety risks associated with manual greasing. Equipment that is difficult to access pose safety hazards such as slipping, tripping, and falling that can be avoided by the installation of an automatic grease dispenser. The units can be remotely mounted in a safe location using tubing/piping to connect to the hazardous lube points.

Automating the Lubrication Process

There are many variables to consider regarding equipment lubrication. It is important to evaluate what your plant requires, not based on cost, but what is suitable for each application. Automation of the lubrication process can start out small and simple – and can be adapted over time to specific needs.

If you are not familiar with automatic grease dispensers, choosing the right unit for your application can be a bit overwhelming. If you need help to determine what will work best for your application, we can assist.