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TC-1 Premium Synthetic Coolant

TC-1 Premium Synthetic Coolant is a highly concentrated premium synthetic coolant formulated to exceed the demands of spray and flood cooling. It contains a non-chlorine extreme pressure additive for improved tool and surface finish. TC-1 prevents rusting on tool and machine surfaces, even at lower concentrations.

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Additional Features

Engineered Formulation

TC-1 includes rust inhibitors, a broad spectrum of biocide/fungicide protection, and extreme pressure additives. These additives are to protect the fluid, machine components, improve tool life, and enhance surface finish.


The TC-1 formulation was developed specifically for use with the DL Spray System, DL Magnum, Li'l Mister, and SprayMaster Coolant Systems.

Various Volume Choices

The TC-1 Coolant is available in 1-gallon bottles, 5-gallon pails, and 55-gallon drums.

Other Specs

Model Description Size
30656 Tri-Cool TC-1 1 gallon
30657 Tri-Cool TC-1 5 gallon pail
30658 Tri-Cool TC-1 55 gallon drum