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DL Spray Cooling System

The DL is a siphon-type spray system provides cooling solutions for light duty machining and tool room applications. This dispenser is easy to install requiring only shop air and dropping the siphon line into a coolant tank.

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Siphon Nozzle

The conical, concentric siphon design allows the air supply to atomize the fluid as it is dispensed through the tip.


One Needle Valve

One needle valve controls both air and liquid volume. As the air volume increases, so does the siphon effect, allowing a greater volume of coolant.


Pick Up Tube Filter

A 40 x 40 mesh screen at the end of the pick-up tube prevents contaminants from entering the coolant line, preventing clogging and needle valve leakage.

Additional Features

Flexible Nozzle

7 in. flexible segmented nozzle assembly

Durable Construction

Solid brass precision needle valve and body

Easy Installation

Assembles in less than five minutes

Mounting Magnet

A 60 lb. magnet allows versatile mounting options, keeping the nozzle in optimum position.

Other Specs

Model Description Unit Type
30655 DL Unit With 1 qt Tri-Cool Coolant
30660 DL Unit Without 1 qt Tri-Cool Coolant

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