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Li'l Mister

Lil'Mister Systems offer spray cooling with features normally available with higher cost units. The compact size with a 1-quart reservoir makes the Lil' Mister ideal for tool room and other light duty machining applications. Typical applications include drilling, milling, turning, grinding, and tapping.


Nozzle Assembly

A 6-inch straight brass nozzle standard with 5-foot delivery line allows for remote tank mounting and the armored brass protects the internal plastic delivery lines from melting from hot metal chips.


Coolant Sight Gauge

A 5-inch acrylic sight gauge provides a clear view of how much coolant remains in the 1 qt. reservoir.


Independent Air and Liquid Valves

Separate air (black) and liquid (gold) needle valves allows for independent air and liquid flow. Use less coolant with high air flow for increased chip clearing power while reducing overspray. Some air is still required as it is what creates the siphon effect for the liquid flow.

Additional Features

Low-Profile Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket affixed to the back of the tank accepts (2) 1/4" diameter screws at a distance of 4.5 inches.

Durable HDPE Reservoir and Cover

One quart reservoir capacity and a compact size of 8-1/2"(H) x 5-1/4" (W) x 4" (D)

Optional Delivery Line Material

The 5-foot delivery line from the tank to the nozzle are standard with brass armored lines but is also available in dual polyurethane tubing.

TC-1 Sample Included

Lil'Misters are supplied with an 8 oz sample of the TC-1 Premium Synthetic Coolant.

Nozzle Mounting Bracket Assembly

Lil'Misters are supplied with a nozzle mounting bracket kit

Other Specs

Model Description Line Material Line Length (ft) Capacity No. of Lines
30540 Lil Mister Plastic 5 1 qt 1
30541 Lil Mister Brass 5 1 qt 1

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