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Female Elbow Liquid Level Gauge

Female Elbow Liquid Level Gauges provide easy viewing in many industrial applications. They are ideal for bearings, transformers, and many other non-pressure applications.

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Feature Details

Optional Top Caps

The top caps on the Liquid Level Gauges are available in a few options.

Additional Features

Wide Viewing Range

Guards are standard on all sights and may be rotated 360º for easy viewing.

High Temperature Rating

Glass tubes offer high temperature use to 250ºF.

Multiple Options

Vented design with a wide range of mounting styles to fit most applications

Durable Construction

The brass construction and glass tubes provide long life.

Other Specs

Model Description Dim B (in) Dim A (in) Dim C (in) Dim D (in) Dim E (in) Square
BF-0150-3 LLG 1-1/2 3/8 5-3/4 9/16 5/8 1
BF-0350-3 LLG 3-1/2 3/8 5-3/4 9/16 5/8 1
BF-0550-3 LLG 5-1/2 3/8 7-3/4 9/16 5/8 1
BF-0750-3 LLG 7-1/2 3/8 9-3/4 9/16 5/8 1

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