Boiler Feed Pump Kit

Boiler Feed Pump Kit

Boiler feed pumps need to “breathe,” equalizing pressure when air expands and contracts due to temperature fluctuations or startup/shutdown situations. Especially in harsh, hot, high-humidity environments, this breathing allows ingression of moisture and particulates into the oil system. The solution is the Boiler Feed Pump Kit of proven products configured specifically to keep the air and oil clean and dry inside boiler feed pumps.






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The Boiler Feed Pump Kit consists of:

  • Watchdog EX Desiccant Breather – Breather incorporates two check valves, one to control airflow into the Boiler Feed Pump and one to control airflow out. The Watchdog EX Breather allows the Boiler Feed Pump to breathe air in and out while removing water vapor and solid particulates before they contaminate the oil.
  • Opto-Matic 8 oz Closed System Oiler – The Closed System Oiler ensures oil is available to offset oil loss due to use or leaks.
  • Pressure Balancing Line – Pressure balancing line equalizes air pressure between the Boiler Feed Pump housing and the oiler.

Optional items:

  • 5 oz Sump Bottle 1/2″ NPT and Ball Valve – Sump bottle allows particulate and water to collect in the visible reservoir. It includes a ball valve for easy inspection and removal of fluids.
  • Ball Valve – 1/2″ NPT – The additional Ball Valve can be used to shut off oil to the Sump Bottle from the Boiler Feed Pump.

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Model No.DescriptionBoiler Feed Pump
40408BFP KitKit - Closed System Oiler, Breather, Pressure Balancing Line
11146BFP Kit1/2" NPT Ball Valve (optional)

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