Conditioning lubricants already in use


Filtering new oil to meet a target cleanliness standard


Flushing reservoirs to clean out unwanted contaminants


Transferring new oils from bulk drums to storage tanks or system reservoirs

When choosing a filtration system, make sure it

  • Has the right pump type for the oil viscosity in your machines
  • Will remove the contaminants you need it to
  • Can pump oil fast enough to keep your machines clean
  • Has the features you need, like bypass or sample valves
  • Can be easily transported to the location where you’ll be using it

Watch a short video on selecting a filtration system.

Explore the Filtration Systems

Self explore the Filtration Systems with our interactive tool.


  • Reduce maintenance, operating, and downtime costs
  • High efficiency, high capacity, fine filtration
  • Extending the life expectancy of your assets
  • Reduced consumption and disposal costs
  • Extending the life of lubricants

Ensure Lubricant Cleanliness

Filtration systems make it cost effective to filter out contaminants, condition and flush your oil system.

hand held fitlter system

Filtration Products

Drum Pump with Electric Motor
Drum Pump Filtration system
High Viscosity Cart_front
High-viscosity Filter Cart System
High Viscosity Hand Held_front
High-Viscosity Hand-Held System
Low Viscosity Cart With Quick Connects_front_side
Low-Viscosity Filter Cart
Low Viscosity Hand Held_front_left
Low-Viscosity hand-Held System

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