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Drum Pump Filtration System

Actively filtering lubricants from storage drums can prevent contamination related problems. Trico’s Drum Pump Filtration System can prevent contamination or remove it when used in daily operations, including filtering oil directly from the storage drum to fill totes and transfer containers.

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High-Efficiency Filter

The Drum Pump Filtration System comes standard with a 10-micron absolute Beta>200 spin-on filter.


Sampling Ports

Two sampling ports available for oil sampling before and after the filter media


Filter Condition Gauges

Differential filter gauges to indicate filter element condition and replacement

Additional Features

Flow Up to 7.25 gpm
This system is capable of delivering a flow up to 7.25 gpm and is rated for use with lubricants up to a viscosity of 1250 cSt, depending on motor selection.
Two Sizes Available
Pump assembly available for 55-gallon drums and IBC totes
Dual swivel-ended hydraulic hose for greater mobility and flexibility
One Motor for Many Pumps
Hand-wheel modular design for easy transfer of motor to other Drum Pump Filtration Systems
Motor Options
Electric and pneumatic motor for Drum Pump Filtration System sold separately
Use with Drum Pump Recirculation Kit to filter oil in 55-gallons drums
Integrated Nozzle
A dispensing nozzle offers a controlled solution for continuous flow and metering of lubricants, and protective rubber nozzle cap to prevent contaminates from entering the nozzle when not in use.

Other Specs

Model Description Tube Length
20012 Drum Pump Only for IBC Totes (without filter) 47"
30035 Drum Pump Filtration System for 55 Gallon Drum 39"

How to Install a Drum Pump

How to Operate a Drum Pump