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Lab Supplies

Trico provides a wide range of supplies for oil analysis laboratory needs.

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Additional Features

Diluent/Filtered Oil
Mineral oil filtered by Trico through a .45 micron Millipore filter. Used when the oil sample test exceeds a DL or DS reading of 90 or more and the sample must be diluted to get a reading under 90 units.
Grease Solvent
An agent used to dissolve grease into a form that can be tested with the DR-7 Direct Reading Ferrograph unit. It is used to break grease samples down into liquids for Ferrographic analysis.
Dispenser Assembly
Used with Fixer and Diluent/Filtered Oil bottles to dispense 1 ml of liquid per stroke
Precipitator Tube Assemblies
Disposable tube to carry the oil sample from the sample vial on the DR-7 Direct Reading Ferrograph, over the magnet assembly to the waste bottle.
Sample Vials
Disposable glass vials hold the oil and fixer and fit properly into the vial holder on the FM-6 Ferrogram Maker and DR-7 Direct Reading Ferrography.
Pipette Tips
Disposable tips used with the pipettor
Glass Substrates
A thin microscope slide is specially treated with a Teflon barrier material to keep the sample within the magnet path and guide the sample to the suction head. Each substrate comes with its own plastic cover and is wrapped in a separate bag to ensure cleanliness.
Turret Tubes
Used on the Ferrogram Maker for drawing a prepared oil sample from a sample vial to substrate. Polyethylene tubes are 300 microns in diameter and 72 centimeters in length (27.5 in).
Pipette Dispenser
Used to draw 5 milliliters of the oil sample for the test

Other Specs

Model Description Lab Supplies
73-0060 Lab Supplies Sample Vials - 250 qty
74-0020 Lab Supplies Diluent/Filtered Oil - 16 oz (400 ml)
74-0040 Lab Supplies Precipitator Tube Assemblies - 200 qty
74-0060 Lab Supplies Glass Substrates - 200 qty
74-0080 Lab Supplies Turret Tubes - 200 qty
74-0250 Lab Supplies Grease Solvent - 16 oz (400 ml)
75-0010 Lab Supplies Dispenser Assembly for Fixer and Diluent/Filtered Oil Bottles
75-0030 Lab Supplies Pipette Dispenser
75-0040 Lab Supplies Pippette Tips - 200 qty