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The Ferroscope FS-6 analytical ferrography optical microscope is specially assembled by Trico with attachments and options that enhance particle identification and interpretation. The Ferroscope FS-6 comes with three magnification powers: 100x, 500x, and 1,000x.

A technician can scan a Ferrogram quickly at low power to look for obvious abnormal particles, interpret particle origin and wear mechanism at 500x, and gain more insight into stress directions at 1,000x.

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Additional Features

Large Field of View
The field of view is 50% greater than previous ferroscopes, and the optics are infinity corrected, eliminating focus problems.
Enhanced Definition
Light-source powers are increased in intensity over past models, which allows for better definition and much better photography (photomicroscopy).
A tri-nocular system allows the addition of cameras, including video, and digital photography (microscopy).
Multiple Light Sources
Bi-chromatic light (two light sources: reflected and transmitted) for identifying metallic versus non-metallic debris. Red and green light filters aid in identification of particle.
Easy Particle Identification
Polarizer and analyzers help identify particulate and fibrous contamination
Ergonomic Design
Ergonomic design enables analyst to rest arms on table while adjusting focus.

Other Specs

  • Depth
  • Width
  • Height
  • Weight
    40 lbs.
  • Power
    100V or 220V AC