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Electro-Chemical Units

Reliability personnel have forgone the old manual lube routes and have turned to automatic grease lubricators to manage and maintain lube points.

Cost-effective alternative to fully integrated lube systems or manual lubrication

Precise amounts of grease delivered to critical machine parts

Six variable dispensing rates

Electro-chemical drive

Pre-filled with one of six standard grease types

Why do you need Electro-Chemical Units?

Electro-chemical grease dispensers are designed to be reliable and precise, cutting lubrication costs by reducing the overall usage and consumption of grease in systems.

Keys to Grease Success

The key to grease lubrication is consistency of grease type, amount, and interval.

Preventing Failures

Over/under grease lubrication is one of the most common causes of grease application failures.


Cross-contaminating greases in applications can lead to catastrophic failure.