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Automatic Pumps

Economical central lubrication pumps that provide lubrication on an intermittent basis.

Adjustable interval times between lubrication

Adjustable oil volume outputs

Applications with up to 50 lubrication points

Reservoir capacities up to 20 liters

Total loss system

Why do you need an Automatic Pump?

Automatic lubrication pumps increase machine uptime.

Extend Equipment Life

Automatic lubrication pumps provide the right amount of lubricant at the right time and in the right place so no lubrication point is missed, unlike manual lubrication.

Reduce Lubricant Consumption

Automatic lubrication pumps provide small amounts of lubricant at more frequent intervals, reducing the consumption of lubricant.

Reduce Machine Downtime

Automatic lubrication systems do not require the equipment to be shut down in order to lubricant points.