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Streamliner Mi Grease Dispenser

The Streamliner Mi Grease Dispenser is designed to detect the operation of industrial rotating machinery by using a piezoelectric vibration sensor. It will periodically check the operating status of the machinery, which it is attached to. As the Streamliner Mi receives a vibration signal from the machinery, the unit will dispense grease. If there is no vibration signal detected, the unit will automatically go into stand-by mode to avoid over-lubrication.

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Vibration Sensor

The vibration sensor allows the unit to lubricate only when the equipment is operating. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted from 0 to 10 with ten be the highest sensitivity.


Multi-Point Capability

The dispenser has a high operating pressure of 280 psi, making it ideal for use in remote and multi-point applications. When used with a Distribution Block, a single unit can lubricate up to two lubrication points.

Special Feature

Intuitive Display

A large built-in LCD screen makes it easy to read and provides all the necessary information to optimally monitor the condition of the unit and the lubrication point.



The Streamliner Mi Grease Dispenser is refillable through the use of a replaceable grease pouch. The grease pouch is prefilled with one of six standard greases with either a standard alkaline or high-performance lithium battery pack, depending on the requirements of the application. Grease pouches are sold as a Service pack which includes a battery pack and dust cover as well.

Additional Features

Automatic Lubrication

The vibration sensor allows the grease dispenser to lubricate only when vibration is detected.

Variable Dispensing Rates

Variable dispensing rates from 1- 12 months

Easy Installation

No wiring needed, just place the magnetic vibration sensor on any flat surface on equipment.

Visual Indication

Transparent reservoir for visual indication of remaining grease


CE approved

Other Specs

Model Description Reservoir Capacity
33437 Streamliner Mi Grease Dispenser and Vibration Unit 60 cc
33438 Streamliner Mi Grease Dispenser and Vibration Unit 125 cc

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