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Streamliner M 500cc Grease Dispenser

The Streamliner M family now offers a larger reservoir capacity of 500cc to meet the demand for multi-point lubrication and the lubrication of large size bearings. The larger reservoir volume minimizes labor cost associated with the more frequent grease cartridge replacement that occurs with the 125cc and 250cc units.

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Multi-Point Capability

The Streamliner M 500cc consists of a vertical feed pump, motor/gear set, and microprocessor control system, which delivers an operating pressure of 280 psi. The lithium battery pack allows you to achieve higher pressures, which makes the unit ideal for multi-point lubrication. When used with Distribution Block, a single unit can lubricate up to eight lubrication points.



One of the most significant benefits of the Streamliner M 500cc Grease Dispenser is the savings over the cost of manual lubrication while providing reliable lubrication. The units are refillable through the use of a replaceable grease pouch. The grease pouch is prefilled with one of six standard greases with either a standard alkaline or high-performance lithium battery pack, depending on the requirements of the application. Grease pouches are sold as a service pack, which includes a battery pack and dust cover as well.

Special Features

Intuitive Display

A large built-in LCD makes it easy to read and provides all the necessary information to optimally monitor the condition of the unit and the lubrication point.


Durable Construction

The thread is tempered steel with a brass finish that allows the unit to excel in high vibration applications.

Additional Features


Electro-mechanical driven with microprocessor control for precise lubrication delivery

Variable Dispensing Rates

Select one of six variable dispensing rates from 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, and half month.

Other Specs

Model Description Reservoir Capacity

Streamliner M 500cc Grease Dispenser


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