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Spectrum Oil Containers - Pump Storage Lid

The Pump Storage Lids allow rapid pouring of oils, making them ideal for topping off machinery such as crankcases or large engine blocks. Fitting the Hand Pump to the Pump Storage Lid allows lubricant to be pump out of 2-, 3-, and 4-gallon containers. All Spectrum Oil Container lids are interchangeable with containers.

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Multi-Purpose Lid

This multi-purpose lid can be used with the Spectrum Hand Pump for precise dispensing of fluid from 2-, 3-, and 4-gallon (8, 11, and 15 liter) Spectrum Oil Containers.


Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management

The pump storage lids are part of the Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management System that uses color-coding to ensure the correct lubricant is used in the right piece of equipment and in the proper location. Colored identifiers are assigned to designated lubricants which allows for a tagging system to be deployed throughout the Journey of the Lubricant. From the point of storage to the point of application, the operator will know which designated lubricant is to go to each specific lubrication point.

Additional Features


Available in 10 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, dark green, tan, gray, and black

Other Specs

Model Description Color
34430 Pump Storage Lid Yellow
34431 Pump Storage Lid Red
34432 Pump Storage Lid Blue
34433 Pump Storage Lid Green
34434 Pump Storage Lid Black
34435 Pump Storage Lid Orange
34436 Pump Storage Lid Purple
34437 Pump Storage Lid Gray
34438 Pump Storage Lid Tan
34439 Pump Storage Lid Dark Green

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