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Spectrum Oil Containers - Hand Pump

The Spectrum Hand Pump is ideal for those awkward or hard-to-reach oil top-off applications, such as gearboxes, lathes, and milling machines. This pump is supplied with an outlet hose and anti-drip nozzle—simply fit the Hand Pump to a Spectrum Pump Storage Lid and mate with a Spectrum 2-, 3-, or 4-gallon container.

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Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management

The hand pump is part of the Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management System that uses color-coding to ensure the correct lubricant is used in the right piece of equipment and in the proper location. Colored identifiers are assigned to designated lubricants which allows for a tagging system to be deployed throughout the Journey of the Lubricant. From the point of storage to the point of application, the operator will know which designated lubricant is to go to each specific lubrication point.

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