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PM-10 Series Manual Cyclic Pump

The PM-10 Series Manual Cyclic Pumps are used in applications where a fixed output of lubricant is desired. With the PM-10 Series, the leverage of the pump handle enables the unit to deliver a higher pressure than most models and provide the ability to lubricate points having some back pressure. Common applications include punch presses and milling machines where infrequent but reliable lubrication is required.

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Oil Level Indication

Sight gauge provides liquid level observation

Additional Features

Durable Construction

Aluminum die cast reservoir provides long life.

Easy Filling

Large fill port for easy adding of lubricant

Oil Filter

Convenient drop-in filter in fill port keeps oil clean


This pump is commonly used with meter units in single or multiple point applications. Meter units, fittings, and accessories are available.

Other Specs

Model Description Reservoir Material

PM-10 Series Manual Cyclic Pump