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Opto Laser Level

Trico’s Opto Laser Level is an innovative tool that allows for quick and easy installation of the Opto-Matic Constant Level Oiler. It is a must for every maintenance department responsible for set up and upkeep of equipment that uses Opto-Matic Oilers.

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Level Indicators

The Opto Laser Level has two level indicators to verify the lower casting is mounted correctly to the equipment.


Adjustment Knobs

The adjustment knob on this device moves the laser level up or down until it is in alignment with the oil level on the equipment. There is also a fine-adjustment knob to get the laser in the precise location. The Opto Laser Level is easier than eyeballing the setting or constantly removing the reservoir to adjust the level adjuster until it is correct.


Laser Alignment

A built-in laser is used to identify the oiler level setting on your equipment.

Additional Features

The Opto Laser Level can be used to install multiple Opto-Matic Constant Level Oilers.
Weighing 0.55 pounds, this tool fits in your hand for those hard-to-reach installation areas.
Easy to Read
Take the guess work out of installation with laser level alignment and visual level indicators.
Each Opto Laser level comes in a water-tight and foamed-lined hard case with a handle for safe storage and transporting.

Other Specs

Model Description Product Weight

Opto Laser Level

0.55 lbs

Trico Corp Opto-Matic Laser Adjust