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MD-1200 Micro-Drop Dispenser

The MD-1200 Micro-Drop Dispenser utilizes a pressurized reservoir to deliver the lubricant to the nozzle tips. Specifically designed for oil-based lubricants, rather than water-soluble coolants, much less fluid is required to achieve the same heat dissipation on the tool and working piece. The nozzle tips are engineered to achieve much smaller droplets of fluid than that of spray cooling. This eliminates potential excess airborne fluids (fogging) and excess fluid on the working piece.

The MD-1200 is used in combination with Micro-Drop Synthetic or vegetable-based lubricants. These lubricants are also specifically formulated to create the Micro-Drop experience. It should not be used with a water-soluble coolant; these types of fluids will damage and clog system components.

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Positive Pressure Design

Pressurizing the reservoir at 8 psi provides enough pressure to deliver lubricant to the nozzle tips consistently.


Independent Air & Liquid Controls

Simple and easy-to-use independent controls allow for maximum flexibility in adjusting liquid and air flow for each nozzle. Relative air/liquid scales allow repeatable set-ups and saves time in adjusting flow rates for different applications.


Engineered Nozzle Tips

High energy nozzle design eliminates fogging for cleaner environment and greater chip clearing power, allowing faster speed and feeds.

Additional Features

Highly Efficient Lubricant Usage

Trico offers a line of lubricants that is ideal for use with the MD-1200 Micro-Drop Dispenser: MD-1 Micro-Drop Vegetable and MD-7 Micro-Drop Synthetic Lubricant. Typical applications use 1 oz. of lubricant in an 8-hour shift.

Anti-Siphon Valves

The anti-siphon valves permit the nozzle to be mounted in any position, eliminating the possibility of the reservoir siphoning out when turned off. They also allow the lubricant lines to remain primed at all times.

Low Profile Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket affixed to the back of the tank accepts (2) 1/4" diameter screws at a distance of 6 inches.

Solenoid Control Option

Solenoids control the on/off timing for cyclic applications. They provide instant flow once energized and can be wired to provide an off cycle for loading and unloading parts. Auto electric models can be interfaced with machine controls for cyclic capabilities.

Compact Design

16 oz. reservoir capacity and a practical size of 7"(H) x 10" (W) x 7" (D)

Optional Nozzles

Nozzle assemblies are offered in both Loc-Line and straight, bendable copper.

Other Specs

Model Description Control Mode No. of Lines Nozzle Type
30801 MD-1200 Manual 1 Loc-Line
30802 MD-1200 Manual 2 Loc-Line
30805 MD-1200 Auto 1 Loc-Line
30806 MD-1200 Auto 2 Loc-Line
30813 MD-1200 Manual 1 Copper
30814 MD-1200 Manual 2 Copper
30817 MD-1200 Auto 1 Copper
30818 MD-1200 Auto 2 Copper

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