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Hydraulic Reservoir Breather Kit

Because airborne contaminants can quickly disrupt and negate your sample, Trico offers the Hydraulic Reservoir Breather Kits. These kits feature a two-stage breather system that uses a filter to block airborne particles and desiccant to remove harmful, unwanted moisture. The system ensures a permanent closure on all hydraulic reservoirs and that the lubricating fluid remains closed off from airborne contamination throughout the sampling process.

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Contaminant Exclusion

A Watchdog Extreme Humidity Desiccant Breather is installed to protect your equipment from atmospheric particulate and moisture ingression as well as remove moisture residing in the internal headspace.


Contaminant Removal

The application of quick-disconnect couplers allow you to perform in-situ kidney loop filtration to keep your oil free of unwanted contamination.

Additional Features

Filter Replacement Indicator
An optional filter reminder vacuum gauge can be used to indicate when the filter element on the breather has become clogged and needs replacing.
Desiccant Replacement Indicator
Color-coded desiccant changes colors indicating when maximum adsorption is reached and a replacement is needed.
Reservoir Refilling
A male quick connect can be plumbed to the 6-bolt adapter plate to fit a down pipe for filling reservoirs with new oil through a filter cart without opening the system to the environment.
Fluid Recirculation
Sold separately—optional suction tube to fit 55-gallon drum that can be used to recirculate fluid (model no – 20-00545).

Other Specs

Model Description Quick Connect Filter Reminder Water Capacity (lbs) Air Flow
36902 Hydraulic Reservoir Kit N/A No .9 20 CFM
36903 Hydraulic Reservoir Kit 1/2" Male No .9 20 CFM
36904 Hydraulic Reservoir Kit 1/2" Female No .9 20 CFM
36914 Hydraulic Reservoir Kit N/A Yes .9 20 CFM
36915 Hydraulic Reservoir Kit 1/2" Male Yes .9 20 CFM
36916 Hydraulic Reservoir Kit 1/2" Female Yes .9 20 CFM

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