MD-1200 Micro-Drop

MD-1200 Micro-Drop Dispenser

The MD-1200 Micro-Drop Dispenser provides a cost effective solution when flood cooling is impractical or unavailable. When used in milling, tapping, and sawing applications, the MD-1200 dispenses small amounts of Micro-Drop Synthetic or Vegetable based lubricant. Compared to flood cooling, there is no coolant sump to maintain or used coolant to dispose of.

Solenoid versions allow these units to be interfaced with CNC controls or other signaling devices. The pressurized delivery system of the MD-1200, provides instant on/off performance when used with the solenoid control.


  • Simple easy-to-use controls
  • No confusing timer to set
  • Relative liquid scale allows repeatable set-ups and saves time in adjusting flow rates for different applications
  • Typical applications use 1 oz. of lubricant in an 8-hour shift
  • Positive pressure design gives instant fluid delivery for faster cycle times
  • The anti-siphon valves permit the nozzle to be mounted in any position
  • Independent controls allow for maximum flexibility in adjusting liquid and air flow for each nozzle
  • High energy nozzle design eliminates fogging for cleaner environment and greater chip clearing power, allowing faster speed and feeds

The MD-1200 Micro-Drop Dispenser should not be used with a water-soluble coolant. These types of fluids will damage and clog system components. Trico offers a line of lubricants that is ideal for use with the MD-1200 Micro-Drop Dispenser; MD-1 Micro-Drop Vegetable and MD-7 Micro-Drop Synthetic Lubricant.

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Instruction Sheets


Model No.DescriptionControl ModeNo. of LinesNozzle Type
System Type Pressure Delivery, Non-Cyclic
Delivery Lines 6 ft. Polyurethane
Nozzles 18″ Loc-Line or 13″ Copper
Liquid Flow Range 2-16 Drops/Minute
Liquid Viscosity 20-200 SUS
Inlet Air Pressure 60-125 PSI
Recommended Air Filter 40 Micron
Air Consumption 1.7 CFM/Line
Air Inlet Fitting 1/4 NPT
Solenoid Voltage 120V 60Hz
Dimensions 7.06″ H x 10.09″ W x 7.06″ D
Reservoir Capacity 16 oz.

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