Oil Analysis

Why Oil Analysis?

Oil analysis fights equipment failure in a predictive maintenance regime. In an environment where equipment is expected to run 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week under extreme operating  conditions, equipment failure can quickly bring production to a halt. This can turn your normal workday run into an excruciating marathon. Our oil analysis laboratory can help you understand what’s going on.

How does oil analysis prevent downtime?

Imagine being able to see exactly what’s happening inside your equipment. You could prevent failure, enhance machine performance and gain a competitive edge. That’s where Trico can help.

Trico’s Total Oil Analysis Laboratory Solutions can help you see the condition of your oil and equipment without shutting you down. Trico’s analysts can detect failures in progress and point you straight to the root cause, providing you with sufficient lead time to schedule corrective maintenance before catastrophic failure, with minimal disruption of your operations.


Trico provides over 50 standardized laboratory tests for industrial lubricants, fuels and coolants. Whether you are starting a fluid analysis program or improving an existing program, we will help you customize a test suite that will maximize the benefit of your predictive/preventive fluid analysis service.

Why Trico?

Trico has the highest number of dedicated staff with the best training and education in the business. Our experienced techs assist customers with oil analysis services to ensure an effective proactive maintenance monitoring program that includes:

“I would like to personally thank the folks at Trico for the great job that they do for us. Recently, Trico came out to our plant and helped us out with several issues we were having. Most notably we were experiencing severe foaming in some of our lube oil reservoirs and gear boxes. Trico provided us with some training on the subject, and recommended an additive that would neutralize the foam in the oil. We were very pleased with the results and we now have foam free oil that is sure to protect the gears, bearings, and other moving parts much better. We are preparing to use the additive in our Turbine/Generator lube oil systems to improve the demulsibility of the lube oil. This would be a huge benefit because the oil changes on Turbine lube oil systems are rather costly and could help us avoid a non-budgeted oil change. Trico also made several other recommendations that we are currently working on to improve our lubrication program here at Muscatine Power & Water.”

Thank You Trico Corp.
Luke Sanders
Predictive Maintenance Technician