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Streamliner S Grease Dispenser

The Streamliner S Grease Dispenser is a self-contained unit that offers worry-free operation. It contains five different control settings that deliver the proper amount of grease to the lubrication point.

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Innovative Design

The unit has a double-spring design at the bottom of the grease dispenser, which pushes the grease upward in a grease intake orifice, then down a guide tube and into the lubrication point. This design provides a more uniform dispensing pressure, prevents hardening of the grease, and allows the grease dispenser to completely empty its contents.


Control Knob

The grease-dispensing rate can be easily adjusted by using the control knob's five different settings.

Additional Features


Easy-to-refill grease dispenser with a zerk fitting

Level Indication

A clear reservoir provides easy viewing of grease level.

Other Specs

Model Description No. Control Settings
33392 Streamliner S Grease Dispenser 5

Automatic Single Point Grease Lubricators

Streamliner S Grease Dispenser Installation