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Streamliner GL-P Grease Dispenser

This spring-type lubricator controls and dispenses grease automatically to take the guesswork out of manual lubrication and extend bearing life.

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Each unit is supplied with 3 different spring sizes - light, medium, and heavy for changing the flow of grease.

Additional Features

Corrosion Resistance

An anodized aluminum base resists corrosion and works well in high-vibration applications.


Easily refills through the zerk fitting

Grease Level Indication

Clear, polycarbonate reservoir for easy viewing of grease level

Other Specs

Model Description NPT Capacity Spring Force Dim A (in)
33301 GL-P Grease Dispenser 1/8 2-1/2 oz. Light, med., & heavy 4-1/2
33302 GL-P Grease Dispenser 1/4 2-1/2 oz. Light, med., & heavy 4-5/8
33303 GL-P Grease Dispenser 3/8 2-1/2 oz. Light, med., & heavy 4-5/8
33304 GL-P Grease Dispenser 1/2 2-1/2 oz. Light, med., & heavy 4-3/4

Automatic Single Point Grease Lubricators