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ST Valve Double Female

ST Valve Double Female is used with Type D Dispensers or Type DE Dispensers where feed rate adjustment is desired at the point of lubrication. When variable operating conditions require frequent adjustment, the large, knurled knob simplifies setting the desired feed rate.

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Additional Features


Horizontal design of needle valve minimizes contamination at the valve seat

Easy Installation

Double female threads simplify installation

Drip Rate View

Heavy wall polycarbonate or heat-resistant glass sights allow easy setting of the desired drip rate


Silver brazing of all-brass construction provides long life and leak proof design. Clear lacquer finish of brass components resists corrosion.

Other Specs

Model Description Connection Out (NPT) Connection In (NPT) Sight Sight Position
32404 ST Valve 1/4 1/4 Glass Right Angle
32408 ST Valve 1/4 1/4 Acrylic Right Angle