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MistMatic Coolant System

The MistMatic Coolant System allows the user a wide range of coolant delivery. Variable adjustability allows deliveries such as lean, rich, high velocity, or low velocity. Unit can fill “mini-flood” applications with the dual control valving. This unit can cover most machining requirements. Multiple metal removal processes ranging from broaching to grinding can be covered with the MistMatic.

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Pump-Operated System

The use of an air-operated diaphragm pump to deliver liquid, instead of relying on a syphon, allows for the delivery of liquid without any air at the tip for a mini flooding effect. This can be used for heavy duty machining applications like broaching or grinding. The pump can also be used with higher viscosity fluids, up to 1000 SUS. (200 cSt. @ 40C).


Independent Air and Liquid Valves at the Nozzle

Controls at the nozzle allow the user to adjust air and liquid flow without having to be immediate proximity to the tank, where most other units' controls are located. Separate air (black) and liquid (gold) needle valves allows for independent air and liquid flow. An air-operated pump for fluid delivery allows for 0 air at the nozzle tip if flood cooling is required.


Nozzle Assembly

One or two 7-inch flexible segmented plastic nozzle(s) standard with five-foot delivery line(s) allows for remote tank mounting. The armored brass protects the internal plastic delivery lines from melting from hot metal chips.

Additional Features

Solenoid Control Option

Solenoids control the on/off timing for cyclic applications. They provide instant flow once energized and can be wired to provide an off cycle for loading and unloading parts.

Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket affixed to the back of the tank accepts (2) 5/16" diameter screws at a distance of 8 inches. (HDPE and SS tank).

Large Capacity

One-gallon reservoir capacity and a practical size of 10-1/2"(H) x 8-1/2" (W) x 6" (D)

Machine Interface

Auto electric models can be interfaced with machine controls for cyclic capabilities.

Coolant Sight Gauge

A 6-inch acrylic sight gauge provides a clear view of how much coolant remains in the convenient 1-gallon reservoir.

Other Specs

Model Description Control Mode No. of Lines Capacity Voltage
30600 Mistmatic Manual 1 1 gal. -
30601 Mistmatic Manual 2 1 gal. -
30604 Mistmatic Auto 1 1 gal. 120
30605 Mistmatic Auto 2 1 gal. 120

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